Organize Your Life Planner

A Planner that Helps You Create and Accomplish Life-Changing Goals


Life is short. Live it purposefully. 

It's not about squeezing more things in. 

Instead, it's about being intentional—prioritizing and focusing on the best things. 

The planner will walk you through...

  • Setting and Achieving Amazing Goals
  • Organizing Your Calendar, Budget, Meals, To-Do's and More All in One Place 

"I absolutely love your organizer... I am less stressed because of it!" 

— Kylie

"Wonderful tool, Thank you so very much for providing this for us busy MOMS!"


Are your goals on the back burner?

Alida created the Organize Your Life Planner to help coach you through your goals and organize your schedule all in one place.

Alida has used this goal setting system to...

  • Start The Realistic Mama blog and scale it to six figures working PART-TIME
  • Find a tribe of friends—she went from feeling isolated and alone to having A TRIBE of friends she can laugh and cry with
  • Feel great about her family's health—implementing one healthy habit at a time

Awesome BIG goals can be achieved one tiny step at a time and inside the planner she will show you how to make time to achieve your goals. 

Doesn't that sound refreshing? Anyone can do it! 

It looks good inside and out...

  • Prioritize Your Time 
  • Focus on Gratitudes 
  • Schedule Your Week
  • Meal Plan
  • Plan Your Budget
  • Set Goals and Create a Life You Love
  • And More...

Declutter your mind...

Pen & paper is therapeutic.

Write everything out and give your mind a much needed break.

Let the planner do the work for you. 

7 Day Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the planner for any reason contact us in the first 7 days and I will give you a FULL REFUND. 

"Love the planner. I keep it in my purse and love the simplicity, yet focused nature of it." 

— Lisa

Is this planner for you?

The planner was created by a mom with moms in mind! It will help you crush your goals, organize your time and your to-do's so you can create a life you love and spend more time with your family.

Look Inside...


BIG goals are achieved one tiny step at a time.

Organize Your Life Planner will help you...

  • Create your vision. 
  • Focus on 3 goals at a time. 
  • Track daily progress on your goals.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my planner?  

You will be able to download your planner immediately! We recommend printing it on a high quality paper (double sided) and either getting it bound for a few bucks at an office supply store or 3-hole punching it and putting it inside a cute 3-ring binder.

How long will my planner last?  

The current planner is for October 2019 to September 2020—if you purchase the subscription to the planner (best value) you will recieve a new planner each year! 

What's included in the planner?

The planner will walk you through casting a vision for your life, setting goals every 3 months and making small steps towards those goals each day. 

The planner will also help you easily organize and schedule your lifeyour calendar, to-do's, meals, budget, gratitudes and plenty of extra space for notes too. We encourage you to weed through everything on your plate and release the things that aren't beneficial anymore—less but better.

What if I am unhappy with the planner?

If you’re not satisfied, contact us in the first 7 days and I will give a full refund.

Get your digital download now!

Join the planner subscription and you will automatically be grandfathered in at your low price! 

October 2019 to September 2020 Planner available now.

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