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Create an Intentional Life in 15 Minutes

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Is life moving too fast?

It's not about being more productive or squeezing more things in. 

Instead, it's about being intentional—doing less of what doesn't matter and more of what does.

  • Organize Your Life 
  • Live Purposefully
  • Create More Time for What Matters Most 
  • Achieve Your Goals & Dreams

"I absolutely love your organizer... I am less stressed because of it!" 

— Kylie

"Wonderful tool, Thank you so very much for providing this for us busy MOMS!"


Life is short. Live it purposefully.

Alida created the Organize Your Life Planner to help moms spend more time with their families.  

After hearing the heart breaking story of a couple who lost their child unexpectedly, Alida's eyes filled up with tears. She looked down at her own sweet girl and allowed the words the child's dad said next to sink in deep: 

"Don't take these young years for granted. Enjoy every moment of their little life."  

It can be as simple as playing cars, reading a book, baking cookies together, or letting your child choose the activity. Whatever you do, snuggle, play and soak them in each day!

Use the planner to create more time for your kids—schedule "breathing" room regularly to do nothing else but soak them in.

Find More Time for What Matters...

  • Prioritize Your Time 
  • Focus on Gratitudes 
  • Schedule Your Week
  • Meal Plan
  • Plan Your Budget
  • Set Goals and Create a Life You Love
  • And More...

Declutter Your Mind and Be More Present...

Pen & paper is therapeutic.

Write everything out and give your mind a much needed break.

Let the planner do the work for you. 

7 Day Guarantee

If you are unhappy with the planner for any reason contact us in the first 7 days and I will give you a FULL REFUND. 

Is this planner for you?

The planner was created by a mom with moms in mind! It will help you organize your time, your tasks and your goals so you can spend more quality time with your family.

Look Inside...

Experience Massive Momentum and Create a Life You Love...

Organize Your Life Planner will help you...

  • Create your vision. 
  • Focus on 3 goals at a time. 
  • Track progress on your goals.

I've used the planner + goal setting prompts to start exercising regularly, save money for vacation, grow my at home business, find a friendship tribe and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I receive my planner?  

You will be able to download your planner immediately! We recommend printing it on a high quality paper (double sided) and either getting it bound for a few bucks at an office supply store or 3-hole punching it and putting it inside a cute 3-ring binder.

How long will my planner last?  

The current planner is for July 2019 to June 2020—if you purchase the subscription to the planner (best value) you will recieve a new planner each year! 

What's included in the planner?

The planner is intentionally simple—reminding you of what matters and leaving out the rest. It will help you organize all the important things—your schedule, to-do, meals, budget, gratitudes and goals—and that's it. We encourage you to weed through everything on your plate and release the things that aren't beneficial anymore and make room for what is.

At the beginning of each month, the planner will guide you through setting intentional goals that help you create your best life. In the weeks that follow, you will be able to track your goals and organize your schedule all in one place!

What if I am unhappy with the planner?

If you’re not satisfied, contact us in the first 7 days and I will give a full refund.

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