Transform Your Finances in 15 Minutes! 


*The workbook is being updated and is not currently for sale.*

Discover a realistic budget that fits your lifestyle...

With its purposefully-designed quick and simple budgeting cheat sheets, the Realistic Money Manager budgeting workbook let's you conquer your finance in minutes! 

No matter how busy your life is, this 15 minute strategy is easy to implement. It works naturally with what you are currently doing, helps you set goals, become more aware of where your money is going, spend less and save more money each month.

It's quick. It's simple. It works. 

Until now, budgeting has been either time consuming or avoided altogether — causing added stress or unneeded extra money spent.

Without a plan, money has a way of spending itself and just plain disappearing — especially when life is hectic and busy.

In 15 minutes a month, take back control of your finances, set goals, plan your money and save more.

Fast + Simple = Results

I'm Alida, a wife, mom and business owner. I know all too well how much extra money is spent when life is hectic and crazy. 

As busy moms, it's hard to find the time to sit down and create a complicated budget and nearly impossible to keep up on it day after day. My life craves simplicity and realistic solutions that work with chaotic and real life.

When we started implementing this practical budgeting plan, we found out exactly where our money was going and ended up saving an extra $400 that month! It's super simple, super easy and doesn't take a huge time commitment. 

We hope you'll love it too!

The Realistic Money Manager will help you:

  • Identify exactly where your money is going, create and write down new goals on where it strategically should go.
  • Discover easy ways to set aside and save money for the things and adventures you desire.
  • Master your bills and only pay them twice a month on dedicated days.
  • Gain control and plan your finances quickly.
  • Become more purposeful with your time and money. 

"This is INCREDIBLE! I have been looking for something exactly like this but there isn't anything out there that is this simple, yet effective. I was just going to make my own but this is soo much better." —Hali H.

Get started today and start being successful with you budget immediately...

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